N 106

70×60 cm, oil on canvas



In the series of works entitled NATURE, the painter studies the elements of nature, and is inspired by them, creating his own special narratives. Faithful to the abstract expressionism he follows from the beginning of his painting career, Stavros Ditsios impresses with the consistency of his technique, while defining his visual language through a way of communication guided by repeated symbols. These visual codes are somehow reminiscent of the connection with the here and now. The circle is the point of reference, the “I” but also the “we” placed in the natural environment, in images of nature sometimes a spectator but also a participant in what is happening around him. Images – objects as such do not exist for the painter, but only apparitions that provide him with the necessary raw material of his creative activity.
The perfect geometry of nature, the wonderfully distinct relief of the planet, the miracle of life itself, inspire the painter but also trouble him, raising questions about the future that seems bleak due to the greedy exploitation of natural resources by man. The works in the series seem to constitute a mapping of monuments that glorifies nature, a poetic expression of admiration and respect towards a reality that is unfortunately changing dramatically due to climate change.
The painter gives special importance to the tonal variations with the gradations of colors causing interest and at the same time moving. Emphasizing the structure of the work, the painted surface is an environment where the concept of the natural world is constructed and simultaneously deconstructed. This is how his conceptual framework is translated: the works are transformed into colored media where the painter deposits his memories and impressions in relation to nature, its beauty and the harmony it reflects.